How A Whole New Life is Your Path to Transform Uncertainty or Pain into Fuel for Your Massive Personal Growth

A Whole New Life online course is a practical step-by-step guide designed to gently guide and empower you with transformation tools that is based on Lucia’s book, ‘A Whole New Life’, which has already impacted a global audience in eight languages.

This powerful journey from awareness to action will equip you with the tools you need to finally choose the life you’ve always wanted. If you feel like change is too hard, complicated, or altogether impossible, this course will help you through it in a step-by-step manner that is easy to understand and apply.

By the end of your 7-week A Whole New Life journey, you will:

  • Be equipped with transformation tools to create deep, lasting transformation on every level of life: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical;
  • Have a proven practical path to transformation that will speak to both your mind and your feelings;
  • Learn how to implement a simplified process of change in an easy-to-understand (and fun!) manner;
  • Turn your dreams into achievable goals with practical tools and guidance;
  • Understand powerful principles of deep transformation that will equip you with flexibility without losing your sense of direction;
  • Eliminate negative mechanisms that bring you to a standstill, evoke fear and anxiety, and hinder your full self-realization with weekly exercises and actionable steps…

… so that you develop the flexibility, resilience, and clarity to rise up through any kind of change or challenge, and finally live a life you’ve always wanted!